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Armchairs and curtains in the same

You have been in the interior for some time without change, sitting and armchairs for several years, you can definitely judge how the whole space is refreshed with upholstery fabrics and the seating furniture will get a whole new one. You can easily add new curtains and pillows, and the effect of matching windows and decorations will transform your apartment.
It's not challenging at all

Literally, if you hesitate, believe that we know our upholstery fabrics perfectly. We will make a design from selected footage, including processing and upholstery and tailored repairs. Together we will hit the material that fits the style of your furniture, and we will recommend maintenance. We have all the necessary haberunia, there is no problem to gradually replenish and add something from the decorations in the same tone. We will already know your furniture, so you can contact us with any repairs.